Build Your own Travis Github Python online compiler

(Unfinished… stay tuned…)

Using Travis Ci and GitHub to build your own Python online compiling and packaging environment to automatically generate windows exe binary files.

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Let me talk about the benefits of doing this: you can use any device with a browser anytime, anywhere, and edit the python code online through the Github website. After each submission, pyinstaller will automatically generate an exe file and download it at any time, without worrying about too many installed libraries. The problem that caused the generated python package file to be too large.

Travis CI ( is an online, distributed continuous integration service in the field of software development. Free support for public warehouses. The paid version supports a private warehouse at

Then push to the specified git repository or publish as github release.


Single py file packaging:

  1. From the fork repository:
  2. Edit the file
  3. Edit .travis.yml, add installation dependent package code, modify the settings (user name, email) pushed to the specified warehouse, modify the project address of the stored exe file, but do not Edit the Token
  4. Github login and add the repository
  5. Edit travis-ci warehouse environment variable to store Token

Note: Some usernames and passwords cannot be made public. In this case, they can be written in the settings of each warehouse environment variable through the Travis website. In this way, these environment variables can still be used inside the script, but only the administrator can see the values of the variables.

In the future, you only need to modify the dependent packages in .travis.yml and the code to automatically package python, or you can use your mobile phone!

Project packaging:

You can refer to the above warehouse to build .travis.yml and other files for packaging

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